Friday, February 20, 2009

Awesome tree

This wonderful old tree is a Big Leaf Maple, worn by time and weather. The tree is actually much larger than this section, which is at least 100 feet up from the base. We found it yesterday when my sister Beth and I visited the woods of our childhood. So many of the wonderful memories are still there! Deer Valley, Huckleberry Bridge, Museum Tree, Deer Garden, the mud flats ... the same, yet different. As we tramped through the canyon, surrounded by lush forest and the stumps of old growth timber harvested in the mid-forties, I was glad we were given the gift of nature as children. It was fun to introduce my kids to the fairylands of our childhood, to share with them the dreams and imaginations we had as children ourselves.

Beth and I were surprised at how we noticed the same things, photographed the same things, and yet never got the same pictures as each other. I can't wait to explore more corners of the world with my sister and see what we come up with ... the same, yet different. Maybe next time my other sister can come with us? What do you think, Honey?


  1. Looks as though your tree is being well it should be! Nice memories.

  2. Woohoo! Let's nab our Sissy and take to the woods. (grin) I LOVE this photo--it is so ethereal, as though it were shifting through time--from when we were kids--to our ramblings through childhood.

    I'm sure I heard our childhood laughter echoing down through the years. I know you heard it too...