Saturday, February 21, 2009


I went back to Oregon City yesterday, with several hours to browse the Willamette River. This time I went down the "politically correct" path, complete with handrails, steps, and cement lookout point. B-O-R-I-N-G! The only things I got good views of were all of the fishermen in boats blocking my view. So I jumped onto the rocky shore and started walking (well, climbing from rock to rock) to a point where debris from the December high water was stacked up over my head. Twigs, limbs, branches, trash, all waiting for me to discover their treasures! I took a picture of one particular limb, jutting out into the river. To me it resembled a giant hand holding a very large stick.

When I got home and viewed the picture, I was entranced by the reflection of this huge log onto the surface of the river. I saw what looked like a girl, hair tied back, having a conversation with someone behind her (wearing a hoodie?). What a surprise! What else is to be found in this photo? Who knows!


  1. I thought the conversation was between the folks sitting around the campfire (at the end of the big stick?) :)

  2. You could be right, Cheryl! :=} S'mores anyone?

  3. How amazing are YOU? What a gift you have!! Hahaha...I'm with Cherly--I was wondering what the people at the end of the great hand were talking about! And I DEFINATELY see the girl...can I play around with this pic, too????

    ((hugs)) You have a really special gift, Sissy!

  4. In appreciation for waking me up to the little things in Life, I am presenting you with a Kreativ Blogger award!

    Please pick up your award at my blog, (Scroll down to the picture of the award, click, and get the image to paste on your blog. I think that's what I did--I'm so new at this!).

    If you wish, you may then transmit this award to seven other deserving bloggers, but that is not a requirement if you prefer not to do so.

  5. CONGRATZ, SIS! (grin) You are a Kreativ Blogger! Woohoo!