Monday, February 9, 2009

Mika Uppa Tree - Again

I have never seen a cat so eager to climb trees. My mom says she must have gotten it from me, and I can remember climbing nearly every tree in the woods behind the house (in my younger years, of course!).

Mom says I was about 4 years old when she found me clinging to the very tip top of a tall fir tree, swinging back and forth. She says I about gave her a heart attack! I don't remember that, but I remember traveling with my family to Yellowstone (at about age 4) and climbing up the first tree I could find every time we stopped. I can remember my mom calling for me and someone else answering "she's probably uppa tree!"

Anyway, I caught Mika in yet another tree today, and just had to take her picture. Do you see why I love her so? Note the second cat, hot on her tail ... shortly after I snapped this picture, the combined weight of the cats (there was a third one, not in the picture -- also up the tree) dipped the branch and they all clambered off.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful photo. The combination of textures--fur and tree limbs--is truly beautiful, almost lumiscent.

    I remember that trip, and I remember how you loved to climb trees. I think you were the one who taught me! Remember all those forts we built over the creek, and how we would climb all the way to the tops of the fir trees? (grin)

    Ah, sweet childhood.