Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Other Side of Oregon City

I had an hour to kill in "old town" Oregon City today, so I went down by the river to get some pictures of the historic old bridge. I apparently went to the wrong side of the walkway - (to the South there is a path/stairway down under the road and onto the pristine rocky edge of the river) - and ended up on a well-worn muddy trail that never did get to the river bank down below. There were lots of fishermen in boats on the river, and $$$$$ houses on the opposite bank, with fenced off lots and beautiful docks. Where I ended up, however, was a summer homeless camp, not used at this time of the year, but waiting for its warm weather tenants to find it again. There were beer cans and graffiti, mud and old tarps, magazines and wet sleeping bags.

I never did get pictures of that historic old bridge. After all, it's been photographed a billion times already. I got to see something more ugly, more gritty, more REAL. I don't regret finding this place. I may go back someday. Until then, in the words of the graffiti artist ... "Bring peace to OC".

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  1. Ooooh, Sissy--what a powerful commentary to compliment these wonderful photos. You are just amazing. I mean that. When you walk that trail again, I'd like to walk with you.