Saturday, February 28, 2009

Puzzled and confused

I just like the way these two pictures go together. Because at times we ALL are "puzzled" and "confused", and have no one to help answer those burning questions in life. Like where DO all those single socks disappear to from the laundry?


  1. Genius, pure genius!

    I KNOW where all those socks go...remember? It's the Gibson Ghost, who has a fetish for socks...and only one leg and foot to try 'em on. He's also forgetful. He has such good intentions of returning said socks. But because he loses track of time, when he pops off around 1 a.m.,the sock remains where it falls. And is never heard from again...


  2. Either that or it's the mechanical chicken snatching them up! Love it!

  3. Yes, a perfect pair. (The photos, not the elusuve sox)