Friday, February 26, 2010

In the Spirit of Things ...

I was in the abandoned mega church taking some pictures.
Minding my own business.

Then I heard voices! I backed into a dark alcove, and leaned out to see who it was. Just then, a girl came around the corner ... saw me -- and screamed. I backed into the shadows.
Her friends came running. 'I saw it - RIGHT THERE! - But it's gone now!'

Huh? Did they see me? Or maybe ... a spirit?

I heard whispered voices. 'Maybe we can communicate with it'.
Tap, tap on the wall.
Tap, tap on the pipes.

Okay, what else could I do? I snuck back through the locker room to the torn up swimming pool, and threw in a piece of board that was just laying there. Crash!

Reverberations through the building!


They never came back.


  1. That is hilarious! lol

    They'll no doubt talk about that for some time to come. lol

  2. Oh, you are naughty! But how could you resist!!

  3. (guffgaw) Can I come and help haunt the place? I just LOVE your LEC stories. Heehee--by the way, that's a GREAT photo!