Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Reflections

This brave clump of grass caught my eye this morning.
The heavy overnight rains left it stranded in this puddle.
But you can see ... from the reflection -
The clouds are breaking up!
Soon this will be just another ...
Random clump of grass.
Growing through cracks in the pavement.


  1. Nature tries hard to grow where it is planted. There is something in the Bible about that too.

    Thanks a bunch for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels and for the comment. Sometimes I don't know what to post each day but it is usually something that I just took a picture of that caught my eye. This post was of something that I used to spend lots of time on. Learning as much as possible about Medieval Manuscript decoration and illumination. I even wrote a book about it but it is done and still in my desk drawer.

  2. I was so caught by this beautiful photo. I love the clouds reflected on that very still puddle--where islands of grass push through.

    I'm sure there must be mermaids hiding there...

  3. I love the reflections - the grass seems to be stranded in the middle of the puddle! So glad the clouds are breaking up, and I hope you have some sun!!