Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The Scream" Tree

This is the original "The Scream"
by Edvard Munch

Below is MY version!


  1. I love Munch (did you know that there are several versions of this from Munch himself?)

    I see it in your tree.

    Very interesting!

  2. You got the mouth part. LOL

    I slept in the recliner for the second night in a row. Sitting up like that helped a lot. My wife, Patty, got me a triangle block of foam or something for the bed but I tried it and am not yet ready to lay in bed. Will consider it tonight.

    Yes, Patty and I did some crazy stuff and had fun doing it. Now we are becoming known as some of our well-known ancestors who have passed on. I will have to make a post about it.