Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nature Barbie, or Barbie Nature?

Barbie is not my role model.
Never has been.
Thank goodness!

I found her in the old blueberry patch,
Slowly becoming one with nature.
and nature is slowly becoming one
With Barbie.
(Enlarge to see "nature" becoming one with Barbie's eye)

And no ... I didn't even see it when I was taking the picture. I didn't know it was there until I enlarged the picture to make sure it wasn't blurry ...


  1. Ewwww....Looks like something from the mind of Tim Burton. lol

    Barbie was never my role model either, though I had a couple as a kid. In those days Barbie was a toy, nothing more. lol

    My question is why would anyone want to look like a plastic doll anyway (of course look at Hollywood)? lol

  2. Clyte! I almost screamed! That just was not what I was expecting! I do like Barbie's grey hair, though.

  3. Hahaaa...WOW. That is funny! I adore the photo--she looks like a forest nymph. The slug is a, nice, er touch!

    One could not plan for such a thing! I think I'll draw her--without the, er, slug.

    (grin) I shall not be vague--Barbie is just too perfect. None of us are built like her unless we have some ribs removed...Not to be unkind or anything like that.....

  4. I like the gray in her hair - almost makes her seem real, if you ignore the part about the porn queen body!

  5. Fascinating shot, I could make a connection between the decaying leaves in the shot and Barbie and her relationship to our decaying society, but maybe I'm too negative today...

  6. Very interesting, Clytie. You may want to glance at the comment I made about disruption on the Baudrillard post.