Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Lemonade ...

In December, 2008, we had a major snowstorm hit. Trees fell down all over.
My neighbor at the end of the road had a beautiful little grove of mature trees that all snapped off halfway up.

Instead of removing the now-dead tree trunks, he turned them into art!

He left the trunks where they were, and used the parts that broke off the trees to carve these beautiful sculptures! You can't really tell by the photos, but they are at least 15 feet tall.
I admire them every time I drive by.


  1. If they are like most trees some of that wood sculpture will being to sprout leaves.

  2. I love those artistic sculptures, too. What a creative fellow--His place is beautiful--tucked into the fold of the canyon next to the creek. I get to drive by it every time I visit my parents.

    I think it would be so grand if they sprouted branches and leaves. (grin)

  3. What a creative guy! Lovely sculptures!

  4. Omg...that is so cool. What a neat thing to do.

  5. I hope you tell him that he has fans all over the world!!! His work is wonderful!!