Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Critter Kind of Weekend - Spiders!

Are they fighting? Or romancing? Either way, when I checked later on, only one was left standing, er, hanging ...

I saw this spider when I was attempting to take some close-up pictures with my new-to-me camera. He looked like he was crouched down waiting for me to get close enough so he could JUMP on me!!!


  1. I like to watch spiders from a distance. I don't get close enough for them to jump on me, although they are probably just as afraid of me and I am of them!

  2. Ugg< One thing I'm not real fond of.... spiders! (now webs are another story.. they can be magnificant...from a distance..) Nice photo's though.... We have some that actually jump! I hate those kind.... You go to shoo them away... and Jum.. there they are, right on your arm.... I prfer the 8 legged crawl if they have to do anything! :-D Love and Light, Nina P.

  3. EEeeeeek! I have a thing about jumping spiders--what gives them the courage to jump at something so much BIGGER?! Ack!

    I'm deathly afraid of 'em, but only if they jump. Otherwise, (unless they're the benign type of spider--the ones with the really big behinds that are so exquisitely patterned, or Daddy Longlegs), I squish 'em. Heh. Then Cricket the cat likes to savor 'em. I have NO idea why she likes 'em so.