Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ghost Owl Meets Broken Camera

My camera is on the fritz, taking some clear pictures and some randomly weird ones. I was walking into the sanctuary of the abandoned church when - Whoosh! I ducked and watched as the resident barn owl swooped just feet from my head! Of all the times to have a broken camera! I snapped a picture, hoping it would turn out. And caught the ghost owl, winging his way toward the broken windows and freedom.


  1. Cool beans!! Things could be worse you could have my annoying camera with the 30 second delay before it finally decides to snap the @!%* picture!!!! Just makes ya want to scream don't it. But a ghost owl now that's cool!

  2. I love the unexpected (sometimes)!

  3. I LOVE your ghost owl! How cool is that? My camera is like Deann's--and it drives me crazy.

    There's a mysterious, magical quality to this photo that just fills my eyes, Sissy.