Friday, June 5, 2009

Pin Jacket - 30 plus years in the making

I got my first pin as an award when I was 16 ... for taking shorthand at 90 WPM. Ever since, I have been collecting all kinds of pins. Being a military spouse helped, since all of their tags and awards are pins held on with "dang-its" (so named because they fall down and you step on them and yell ...). The only problem is the jacket already weighs around 10 pounds!


  1. Sissy! How perfectly delightful! Say, I have a few more you could add to that jacket. I'll have 'em for you when you come next week. (grin)

    I LOVE it! This is a little like those jeans I made into "bellbottoms," when I as a teen. The ones covered with everyone's signatures, across the years and over generations. Some embroidered in, others just indelably inked.

    (sigh) Don't you just LOVE those old things? Your jacket is the heighth of cool. (grin)

  2. Oh Clytie your jacket is just extraordinary, what a fabulous record of your memories,what a great collage, what a treasure.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope everything continues to progress happily for your family.

  3. This is so cool Clytie. I love how you collected all the pins, would love to see it close up. I love pins too and buttons. Back in the 80's I had a jean jacket and had alot of buttons on them too. Remember that style ?
    YOUR correct about the weight thing, all that stuff really weighs it down.
    Would love to send you some of my pins you still collect them and which one is your fav??
    have a great day -

  4. Nifty! You should certainly post a few close-ups of your favorite individual pins.