Friday, June 19, 2009

Early Summer Walk in the Woods

My brother had a very unique sense of humor ... we found this old street sign posted to a fir tree in the middle of the woods one day -- next to the trail that has very nearly grown over with, yes, you guessed it -- poison oak!!!

Splashes of red show up against the summertime green. Red elderberry are ripe. The more common blue ones won't be ready until fall.

So what happens when you wear a white dress to a yellow dress party?
You sure stand out in the crowd!!!


  1. How clever you are! I remember that sign in the woods! He did have an amazing sense of humor, didn't he? I miss him. Sometimes I hear his footsteps echoing through my mind...

    Your red spashes are delicious, and WOW! I love the way that white shines out against the yellow. Beautiful beautiful!

  2. There's more to the story.

    When we (Dow and I) swiped the sign, we couldn't get it off the sign post. Dow did a deep squat and pulled it out, post and all. Then he rammed it through the back window of my car. While it was closed. I drove home at high speeds with it sticking 2 feet out my window.

    Was a great D&D, D&D moment. (Darren and Dow, Drinking and Driving)

    We put the sign up together.