Sunday, June 28, 2009

Neno Award

Terry over at awarded me this very special award - Neno's Award! I am deeply honored and humbled, Terry. Hugs to you, and Happy Trails.

About the Neno Award ...
The award is given to those who love blogging
and love to encourage friendships through blogging
and to help others seek the reasons
why we all love blogging.

I would like to nominate the following five blogs
to also receive this beautiful award.

The only problem is ... I couldn't stop with five!
I wanted to keep going and going ... saying thank you to
All of the many souls who inspire me, who offer such kind words,
Who grace blogland with their awesome talents.
I can't list them all ... so I will start with:

Jann at and

Jann, You inspire me with your posts ... I don't know how you do it, but you always find the most amazing quotes and pictures! And you are a very talented artist to boot.

Pearmama at Hello World.

Whenever my world is blah, all I have to do is hop on over to your wonderful blog and know that I will laugh until I wet my pants ... and feel better all day long. After I change clothes, of course. Thank you for the honesty you put into your posts, and for sharing the amazing humor you see in your world.

Mekeel McBride at Listening to the River.

I appreciate your beautiful photographs ... your wonderful posts. Except the slug one. Yech, I can't stand those things! Tee hee. Your post on letting go helped me with some letters (and old heartbreak) I am going to burn as well. Thank you.

Nina P. at Nina P's Thoughts and Musings.

Nina P. what can I say? Your beautiful poems and musings have made me cry (a GOOD thing!), made me think, made me re-evaluate who I am. I look forward to reading your posts, because I know I'm going to be touched in some way.

Cheryl at Nostalgia: Today and Yesterday.

I love the way you view the world, Cheryl! It's so fun to know someone who sees things other people don't ... and then points them out for the rest of us to say "Oh, yeah, I see it now"!!!

Deann at The Painted Garden and Grannie Annie's Place.

Deann, you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me glad that we are sisters-of-different-parents. Your comments humble and inspire me. Thank you for being you.

Beth at Beth Niquette Fine Art

Sissie, I couldn't forget you! You encouraged me to start blogging, and have been my biggest fan. Your talents are amazingly awesome, yet you find the time and grace to comment on each and every post I submit. You make me glad that we are sisters-of-the-same-parents. :}


  1. Oh Clytie,
    I am so touched by your caring comments.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DAY MUCH BETTER.When I first started blogging I was so scared, I have always been a shy person and it is hard for me to convey my thoughts and feelings into words but I must say that blogging has helped . I love making friends and do try hard to care about
    people in the world. YOU Clytie, are so SPECIAL - YOU so deserve this award. YOU always find time to visit my blogs and make time to leave me comments when others don't. YOU and Beth are such awesome women and I truly thank GOD that you are my friends.
    I find it difficult to understand that when
    someone tells another person they love them
    and care about them, people seem to feel uncomfortable and try and figure out what is wrong ? I have always disliked women who play their catty, jealous-type games with each other. I think women should unite and be above all that stuff, hope this makes some sense? Anyway Clytie , you sure mentioned some TERRIFIC women you have awarded this honored award to, I feel so good being included with each of them and gonna make a effort to check each of their blogs out also.
    I know if YOU find them special they must be

  2. I have to agree with Jann, you are a caring heart, to know your friendship is a blessing in my life and to have you acknowledge me as a sister is an honor. Thank you dear sister of my heart.

  3. Thank you, Clytie, for the Neno! It's pretty Neat-o! I had no idea blogging would open up such a wonderful land filled with marvelous people. I'm very thankful to have met YOU, and I enjoy both your blogs very much. You are one very special friend!

  4. I am humbled and so honored my friend. Thank you from the depths of my heart.
    You have made my attempts at blogging a pleasure and inviting. I thank you for being a part of my blogging and life's journey. May you be forever blessed. Love and Light, Nina P.

  5. Thank you for the kind words and nominating my blog! Feels good to know my life is entertaining to other people! LOLLOL I guess it makes the dreariness of everyday living bearable, doesn't it?

    Thanks again.