Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Wok the Frog!

My sister and I were sorting through a pile of metal.
Look what we found watching us!
I hope his new home is just as comfortable and safe
As the bottom of this old frying pan.


  1. Heeheheeehhohohoaaaahahahaha....I can't believe your sharp eye, Sissy! (grin) What a darling photo--yours turned out MUCH better than mine. (snicker) Don't wok the frog! What cleverness! I'm quite overcome with admiration!

    And this picture fills my eyes. (grin)

  2. That frog is adorable! My grandson and I were going out the front door the other day and one jumped on his head. He got so excited!

  3. The frog and the frying pan... perhaps the makings of a new fairy tale.

  4. Maybe he hasn't heard about frogs legs tasting like chicken.... What a place to hide! Or maybe he wanted to play Leap frog! Or sing and dance...I can hear the melody now, ribbiting along... I think it sounds like Wort Frog Waltz... Gerrruuuuump, Gerrrruuuummmp... Or maybe he just wanted to give you a Photo Op.....smiles and giggles
    Love and Light

  5. Amazing place to discover a frog. I did find a toad the other day and put his picture on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog.