Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Win the Chicken Wars

The cute little chicks are all grown up now. They are way too big for their temporary pen, and busted out ... free to roam the yard. After they started digging up my mom's flower beds, my brother-in-law helped me build a larger new home for them.

I used an old drawerless dresser turned on its side for a small shelter. They roosted on the top. Yesterday I decided to add another partial (lidless) dresser on top to make laying boxes.

Evening came and the ladies went to bed. On top of the open "nesting" area. They fought for supremacy along the narrow slats at the top. Every time one of them moved, another fell off and the war for a sleeping area had begun.

And it was NOISY.

I decided to put a 1X6" piece of lumber across the top for them to roost on. When I had put in the dresser, the chickens went crazy getting away, so I figured I wouldn't have a problem.


As I slid the piece of board across the top of the nesting area, the chickens immediately decided that this was a very good idea. They hopped right on. So here I was, trying to position a board -- still halfway out of the pen, with 13 chickens crowded ONTO the other end. I had to tip the board back and forth, chickens swaying with each motion, to inch it into place.

Silence ensued.
Blessed silence.
Good night ladies.
Sleep well.


  1. I like chickens. We kept them for eggs and meat during ww 2.

  2. Like I said before "Chickens Bah Humbug! LOL

  3. Chickens do love to roost. A few nails and a front "lip" on the shelves and your nesting area should work our well. We had so many breeds of chickens growing up (4-H) The name escapes me now, but that one gray one looks like the kind that lay the green eggs.
    Enjoy your fine feathered friends.
    Love and Light, Nina P

  4. (guffaw) Oh, Sissy! That is SO funny! You do have a gift of writing!!! And the photo of the ladies is fabulous--it fills my eyes.

    What a talented sister I have!!!!

  5. PS You should be published. I'm serious. :oP

  6. "They fought for supremacy along the narrow slats at the top. Every time one of them moved, another fell off....."

    That's too

    I've wanted chickens since we moved back rural. Unfortunately the barn is still in partial rebuild mode. But some day soon, I will have my chickens!

    I grew up with chickens during my teenage years, and I still smile every time I see one pecking along by the side of the road (which worries with me with traffic) or strolling through someone's yard. Our neighbor had some when we moved in, and one stray wanderer would occasionally 'break free', pop underneath the fence and come for a visit to our garden. I loved looking out and seeing her pecking around out there. Kind of fun to have the chicken without the work. lol

    You had asked if that sweet little goat was mine....No, that little sweetie was at the flock and fiber show in Canby this past weekend. He just begged to have his picture taken. :-)