Monday, September 14, 2009

Providence Angel

Three weeks ago, my daughter was here at Providence Hospital in Newberg for surgery on her finger.

It all started as a small bump on the outside of her left ring finger, nestled against her pinkie. Then it started growing. The doctor said it was probably a "keloid", and not to have it removed because it would grow back.

Eventually, however, it started getting bigger. And painful. Over the past year it increased in size from a pea, to a marble, to the size of a nickel - and 1/2 inch thick. Back to the doctor we went. She wouldn't touch it. Then came the referrals. The general surgeon wouldn't touch it. The hand specialist wouldn't touch it. When the dust finally settled, we had found the perfect match - a plastic surgeon who was referred to as "an artist with a scalpel".

During the surgery wait, I wandered outside the hospital. Directly overhead, I saw the most amazing clouds ... and this wonderful angel. I knew my daughter was in good hands.

The surgery went fine, the "benign nerve sheath tumor" was removed, and my daughter has her beautiful hand back. It is now completely healed. Thank you God, Providence staff, and Dr. Gruber for doing what you do best and well.


  1. What an ordeal! I'm glad everything turned out OK and your daughter is doing so well.

  2. Wow, Sissy! That angel was such a beautiful confirmation--and a comfort to a worried Mom. ((hugs)) How precious that God sent such a lovely reminder of His loving tender care.

  3. What an emotional summer you've had. Through all the trials, you've had little rays of Hope and Light. God has Blessed you and your family with His Healing Power and Grace. May He continue to Bless you and your family and may your angels enfold you in their protective wings. Love and Light, Nina P.