Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams, Chickens

Red and Vulture ...

I woke them up to take this picture. They clucked for a few minutes, then went back to sleep.

Every night they sleep in the same place, near the front window so they can see inside to their family. I guess the nights are getting cooler, because they scootch up like this on purpose!

Doesn't look very comfortable to me.


  1. (guffaw) I'm sitting here giggling to myself--you have such a fun way of putting things, and, er, I agree with you-does'nt look very comfy at all!!!

  2. Soooo cute!!! Hey there's nothing warmer than down right? :-D Brings me back to our 4-H days and all our animals on the farm. My little sister (when she was 3) had a pet cochin (the puff ball chickens with the feathers on their feet)She would carry that little chicken around wherever she went. It was so cute... and the pets name.... Cochin of course.... Thank you for the smiles and memories. Love and Light, Nina P

  3. Aren't they cute! I like their names.

  4. I like their names too, cute to look at but to cuddle...aaahh. Chickens ba humbug. :o)
    I hope we can stil be friends.

  5. I sometimes wish we still had chickens. They were our food during the war years. In the dead of winter mom left a light on in the chicken house. And the nests were full of straw. I guess it was warm enough.

  6. I find that animals don't understand the camera idea all that well.

    Good detective work on Captain Vessey. I'm well aware of the poison they excrete and the danger to small dogs. Luckily, Angelina couldn't care less about them and ignores them completely (I still keep reminding her, just to be safe). Lizards, though, are a completely different matter.

  7. this is funny and I love it.....I wish I had some chickens too. those are some cool names,
    nice to have the organic eggs :)
    Clytie, have another good day sweetie !!