Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rise and Fall of a Mushroom Family

I found this little family of mushrooms out by the driveway. I took their portrait, then hurried away to find my sister, who was part of the work party cleaning up my parents house.

We rushed back to where I had found them.

And ...

Sniff, this was all that was left.
Mmmmmm I'm getting hungry.
Mushroom omelet anyone?


  1. Oh Life is so precious we must cherish each moment. I'm sure they lived a good life. I will mourn their passing with you....and.... um.... enjoy that omelet now. :-) Smiles! Love and Light, Nina P.

  2. I am not sure I would eat those. They look like toad stools to me.

    Thanks for helping me to make history.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  3. Just like that, and it is gone.
    I don't know about the omelet, lol, but can you eat them? Cool blog you have here, Anna :)

  4. Oh No! And they were sooo cute I would have had to get my magic marker and draw eyes on them...sick huh I really love the frog too as you can see by my picture I have a thing for frogs. Have a wonderful day Babe

  5. The family seems to have had a little disagreement.

  6. Hahahaaa...They were so very cute, weren't they? Until we needed light to build the chicken pen, so I positioned the car to shine its headlights in that direction....

    If you look closely you'll see tire treadmarks...

    (teehee) OOOoooops! Omlets, did you say? Sure! I'll be over first thing in the morning. (grin)

  7. What a cute crop they were. I wonder what happened?

    We have brown mushrooms that pop up in and around our yard every winter. I would never eat them, though some day I would like to learn which ones are safe to eat. I'm still not sure I'd trust myself though. lol