Sunday, October 18, 2009


The "Lady Washington" was docked in Hood River for their annual Harvest Festival.
If she looks familiar it's because she is also known as the "Interceptor" in the Pirates of the Caribbean; Curse of the Black Pearl movie.

"Oh, the Dauntless is the power in these waters, true enough, but there's no ship as can match the Interceptor for speed."
- Murtogg to Jack Sparrow


Jack Sparrow Stood Here!!!
At least that's what I want to believe ...
(Yes that's me)

As we were leaving, we interrupted a local policeman -- writing a parking ticket for the ship!
Actually, it was just a fun photo op.


  1. Ahoy me Beauty Clytie! 'Tis a great grand post ye be havin this current day. Ye be makin' one brave bold Jack, me matey, be ye the sparrow variety or no. 'Twas a bloody scallywag to be writin a ticket fer parkin! Yo ho ho!

  2. It must be a fun ship to be around. Your mind would go in circles. Or mine would. I think about those pirate days and how close the quarters were in those wooden ships and when a shell came through the wooden timbers and sprayed splinters of all sizes it must have been hell on earth.

  3. Sissy! How cool is that! I love the picture with you standing where Jack Sparrow stood--the colors and stance of the ship are amazing and wonderful. They fill my eyes like some great painting of old.

    And I laughed and laughed over that policeman. THAT made my day!

  4. Aay, Ye have capture three of my large loves...Wooden sailing ships...Pirates of the Caribbean...and Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp. How lucky are thee to live by the sea,for the sea is a very fine place to be. Thanks for sharing. Sailing ships are what dreams are made of.
    P.S. It's nice to see half of the front of your head you're a beautiful sister.

  5. I am so jealous Clytie! I would love to explore that ship.

  6. Well shiver me timbers these are great photo's! I can see a mutiny approaching. Captain Jack move over, Captain Clytie is going to have you walk the plank. All you're need is the parrot on your shoulder and a sward at your side. Beautiful photo and wonderful contemplative pose. (I think I'd be contemplating being a pirate if it meant I'd be on board with Johnny Depp) Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P.