Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clouds Have Stripes!

I'm listening to the much-needed rain hit the roof this morning. The clouds came in yesterday evening, and they were fantastic.

I caught these zebra? tiger? -- cloudy stripes in the front yard framed between the fir and oak trees.


  1. Oh, what a delightful eye "sandwich"! Totally fills the, er' appetite of my eye! (grin) That is just lovely Sissy--what a wonderful catch.

  2. Cool! Aren't clouds just the best...ever since you and Beth came into my life I've gained a whole new appreciation for suspended water vapor...ha ha Love ya!

  3. Zebra, I think.

    Clytie, I want to tell you, again, how much I enjoy your comments. Your words and insights always resonate deeply with the subject matter on my pages. Language is such a complex matter and I was very interested in how you made the connection to solitude. I truly appreciate your contribution.

  4. Very cool cloud catch! Looks more like a sandy beach--but what a challenge to build a sand castle with that!