Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Small Slice of Portland

It was noon when I got to Portland, the church bells told me so.
When I tried to see them, I was disappointed to see
Only the huge loudspeaker! No bells!

Walking down to the South Park blocks Farmers Market, I came across this unique building decoration.

I gave him some change and he played me a song.
Isn't he cute?

I fell in love with the First Presbyterian Church, built in 1886.

And was struck by the balance of old and new.
Light and dark.
Reflections of sunlight trying to break through the clouds.
It never did.
But was a beautiful day anyway.


  1. Ohhh, Thank you for the tour of Portland. I love the old buildings thy are so beautiful to me, and the fish is fantastic love it, love it, love it...aren't things that you don't expect wonderful.

  2. What beautiful scenes! I love that fish!

  3. INTERESTING images, must have been a fun day!
    What song did he play for you ?

  4. I guess it's pretty good for addressing - I live in the building with the fish through it.
    Nice tour of Portland, Clytie.

  5. I would say you had a worthwhile trip. I like that fish going through the wall.

  6. What an amazing thing! Well, I'm not surprised that Prospero lives in that building with the fish. I loved your tour though Portland, Sissy--Portland has that old town, artsy, New York City feel to it...You've caught it well...

  7. What fun finds around Portland. I especially like the horn player. I bet he played you the best tune.... Your words capture the essence of the city, the old and the new, together sharing each beauty as they join on one landscape. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P