Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture on Log

The picture in this log jumped out at me. I see a small deer at the bottom. The top is a barren desert landscape, complete with setting sun. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the rose blooming in the twilight against the sun.

At least, that's what I see. What do you see?


  1. I see the deer. I hate to see stumps but then sometimes it is necessary. I like the idea that my place has a resident skunk that we get to see from time to time and I even sneaked a night picture through the window of him but I sure don't want to tangle with him or her. I am not sure if it lives here or just passes through. I have my finger crossed and my toes that it lives somewhere else and we see it when it is coming or going.

    I used to keep logs from trees that were cut down for some reason. I would roll them over along the fence and let them rot away. It was an amazing sight to see all the animals and other things that lived on or off that log.

    Thanks for all the visits and comments.

  2. You do have a great imagination. I don't think I'd have seen anything without your prompt, but clearly now, there's the scene you describe. It looks very much like a cave painting by some ancient human ancestor.

  3. Sissy! I see it. Oh, my--how lovely. This just fill my eyes...and not just with the picture, but with tears.