Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainbow Colors of Autumn

I found this grove of autumn glory in Hood River and had to try to capture the colors and textures it presented. Shortly after the shot, the rain began pouring down ... of course we were walking!

And look what happened as soon as we got back in the car!


  1. Those autumn colors are sensational (we don't get that here!)

  2. Oh, Sissy......WOW! I'm just in awe. How beautiful. How truly exquisite...rainbows in the leaves and rainbow over the water.

    You are truly blessed, darling Sis o' Mine.

  3. Isn't autumn just the best, I love the colors they absolutely sing to my soul. You have captured them so beatifully in that shot.
    I love the rainbow sandwiched between two fields of black excellent, good job babe!