Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side

Juvenile Downy Woodpecker

Late Thistle flower, wet from rain

Duck sleeping on submerged log

Fall Cattail

These photos courtesy of a walk at the Fanno Creek Nature Preserve in Tigard, Oregon.


  1. You walkin on the wild side again out the wild things don't get ya! (tee hee)
    I don't have to walk on the wild side I live on the wild side and since it turned cold I have to be careful the wild things don't come in looking for me. LOL

    Don't you just love woodpeckers. I have a red wing that thinks my porch post is a tree. He is beautiful and so is yours. love em.

  2. Wow, Sissy--what beautiful photos. They fill my eyes. I love it when you walk on the wild side. (grin) I love woodpeckers, too. I love birds in general.

    ((hugs)) I love your photography. You are such a gifted lady.