Monday, October 19, 2009

Cedar Waxwings

There was a large flock of beautiful birds taking their fill of the berries in the yard ... they flitted around crazily, yellow-tipped tail feathers fluttering.

I hadn't seen a cedar waxwing in years, now I was blessed with many.


  1. Oh they are just glorious birds! Thanks for posting these pictures Clytie. I never get to see cedar waxwings and this is such a treat. I love those yellow tailfeathers!

  2. Oh I love Cedar Wax Wings they are soo beautiful, thank you, you have made my day. As a child I did a school report on Cedar Wax Wings and they have been special to me ever since. I have never seen one around here but we have their cousins Bohemian Wax Wings they are wonderful too, I love their topknot and their coloring.
    Your photos are so beauiful they look like paradise. Good Job Sis!!

  3. Wow, Sissy! I saw a couple this spring--they were nesting in the cedar tree. I'd never seen them before in my life. I wonder if they're making a comeback?

    SissyDea--you are right, SissyCea's photos do look as beautiful as paradise. She's got the nack of a camera!

    I love you Sissy! SissyBea :oP