Sunday, January 10, 2010

Button, Button - Who's Got The Button?

So what kind of buttons are these???

Yes! Boot Buttons!

From an old boot I found in a pile of junk and just had to get a picture of ...

I'm so glad that Velcro was invented. Can you imagine hooking up all those pesky little buttons???


  1. I actually have a pair that has those pesky buttons! I think they used to have a little instrument they used to help get the buttons into the loops of the shoes.

    Lovely find! You find the most interesting stuff, Sissy!

  2. Velco, nice in some circumstances yes, but buttons are so much more interesting.

  3. I think Beth is right about the button hooking instrument. I'm sure that boot was once very stylish!

  4. Wow, no wonder it took women so long to get dressed up. Between corsets and shoes.... (9smiles)) wonderful photo's. And yes I am SO glad they came out with tie shoes and velcro. Love and Light, Nina P

  5. wow, such a great boot! such great buttons! Too bad you did not find two!

  6. Yep...Beth's right about the button hook and I just happen to have a couple of them. I'll have to send a photo you're way.
    Velcro is a wonderful thing but buttons are so much classier...decorative but functional.
    Great picture by the way...that boot would make a wonderful sculpture or vase if you've only got one. Love you.

  7. I had a pair of boots that had buttons that hooked in loops and then buckle arctics. The metal clasp kind. Never had anything this pretty.

  8. Howdy Clytie
    I have my great grandmothers button hook it has a little pearl handle.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome find !
    When you get time I posted a photo of a heart in the snow .
    You have me looking very close at Things these days .
    Thank you sweetie for reminding me to open my eyes .
    Blessings of peace to you and yours.
    Happy Trails