Friday, January 22, 2010

Dark Into Light

The late morning turned dark.
I looked up from my work to see why.
A huge black cloud was overhead.
Threatening rain.
I ran outside to see ...
It was directly above me.
Then the threat became reality.


  1. another exquisite photo Clytie...the threat became reality...kind of scary...I'm glad it was only rain.

  2. Beautiful Clytie! That happened here yesterday.

  3. From the way it sounds the whole west coast is in danger of washing away. We have been having rain and snow mix which is nice because I don't have to shovel. I hope it's not to flooding stage up there like it is in California.

    It makes for a great photo though...I love all the little twig detail very cool and spooky.
    Stay dry Sissy Cea. Love ya.

  4. Are you thinking of your own brush with disaster - and what could have been?

    How are you doing, Clytie?

  5. Sure was a change from yesterday wasn't it.

  6. I gasped! What a gorgeous picture--what picturesque words. I thrilled when I read your description and saw this amazing photo! fills my eyes and heart, it does! WOW!