Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seen at Home Depot

Dad went in to buy a new chainsaw, so I waited in the car. I happened to catch these adorable kids greeting a friend as they waited for their class to start.

On the other side of the car, I happened to catch this rainbow.

A sign of a good day.


  1. Simple joys are the best. Have a good week sister/friend. Love you.

  2. I see two Rainbows, Sissy! A rainbow of kidlets echoed in the skies. Wonderful way to start the day! ((hugs))

  3. All the trees in your neighborhood are praying for legs. Chain saws are nasty.

    Yep. Cold buckets of water to thaw out the frozen hands. Not much but a dip or two and sometimes Miss Brown would hold out small hands between her big hands and warm them that way. But 23 kids of all ages in grades 1 to 8 were more hands to hold than she had hands to hold them with.

  4. Sounds like the start of a beautiful day! I'm glad you found some lovely simple joys!

  5. Clytie, I hope your sign of a good day turns into a sign of a good year. Please take super good care of yourself.