Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Happy New Year

Happy New Years Day 2010

I spent some time yesterday catching up on my blog reading ...
I find most people hate New Years Resolutions.

One lady, I can't even remember who, was challenged to find a goal word for 2010. Just one word to sum up the goals for this year. She chose "Try".

Since "Try" was taken, I have chosen "finish".

Finish all of those projects I started ...
Finish taking my medication as directed ...
Finish letting all my friends know how much I appreciate them ...

What's your goal word???


  1. This is a nice photograph. I wish I could add more but I got to move. I have found some nice photos from 2007 and 2008 that I would like to use in my blogs but last night was a bad night for me and I didn't get much rest. Most of the time I had one coughing fit after another. I thought I would try to just say, "thanks" to those who stopped today. I appreciate the comments, visits and prayers. I hope things will get back to normal soon.

  2. Wow--what a late start we had this morning!

    I would say the word which describes my goald for the coming year would be Determined.

    A Happy 2010 to you, too, my darling Sissy.

  3. Happy New Year. :-)

    I've never been a resolution maker myself, but do try to set a few goals for the coming year (though steer clear of those like 'lose weight').

    A goal word for the year....I'll have to think on that one.

  4. Finish is a good one. Follow through is always good! And how do you know what something will turn into if you don't finish it? I'm jealous of your word! (Much better than the wishy-washy "try!") My 2010 word is Transformation. There's magic in transformation but it'll never happen unless you finish... the workout, the paragraph, the notebook, the shawl. Happy New Year Clytie!

  5. Happy 2010, Clytie! May it be pain-free and may it bring you joy! Oh yes, I hate resolutions, but I do like to aspire to something better than I am. So my word is persevere. I need to persevere.

  6. I can't come up with one at the moment, but you have given me something to think about!

  7. FINISH is really big! I think for me if I had to choose one word it is compassion...also a big word sometimes...but one that feels mostly doable for me every day.

    Happy New Year...may it be a healthy one for you!