Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old Man Winter's Springtime Tricks

A new beginning for the strawberries ...

And the honeysuckle is already putting out fresh tender new leaves ...

But ...
Winter isn't over. Snow and freezing will probably hit again. I worry about the tender new growth that has been tricked into Springtime growth.

Old Man Winter playing tricks on Mother Nature.

Hmmm wonder who will get the last laugh this year.


  1. Boy what a difference a few hundred miles makes. I'll post a picture of my backyard later on not a green thing in sight.
    Have a happy day you.

  2. Snow we got. Lots of snow came today. All day.

  3. I've got bulbs coming up and showing signs of life. That's happened in the past, then a new cold snap hits and hinders them a bit. They've always survived, as have the strawberry shoots that sometimes peek out. I worry most about the fruit trees. In general, most things seem hardy enough to handle what Mother Nature dishes out. Thankfully our winters aren't usually serious enough to do much damage to the fresh young shoots.

    MN does seem to love to have her fun.

  4. Howdy Clytie
    Old man winter has returned to Central Texas again.
    Last time he took a few of my tender new plants .
    There was a bright spot it inspired my grown son to show up with some bales of hay to cover up the flower and vegetable beds .
    We wasted no time .
    I was thankful for this nice surprise and as of this morning feel a little more hopeful about my plants.
    It is a cold 10 degrees here in Killeen,Tx.
    We have been setting records for cold all week .
    Ah but spring will be here soon :)
    Blessings with hugs
    Happy Trails

  5. Yes, I know--our strawberries are trying to put out new leaves, the blue bells are showing and the trees are wanting to bud. I'm telling them "Go back to sleep! Old Man winter is playing tricks!" I don't think they're listening...