Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Wren!

I found the nest in the bashed-out wall of a building across the street.
Nestled in exposed insulation,
Tucked in under ragged drywall ...

Miniature white eggs, speckled with tiny brown spots.

I went back every few days to check on them.
First 2 eggs, then 5, then finally 6!

On Saturday I went back to check - the eggs were gone.
In their place was a miracle.

Tiny baby birds, barely moving in there ...
Except to lift their heads for food when I made a noise.

I took a few pictures and left.
They needed their mommy - and breakfast.

I will check again in a few days, to see how they are doing.
To see how the miracle is progressing.


  1. Oh you are so lucky! What a sweet picture. I think there might be a wren nest in the bushes next to my church. I was sitting by a window in church on Sunday and a little wren kept going in and out of the bushes with insects in her mouth.

  2. Amazing! They are so tiny and helpless. Soon they'll be flying around.

  3. Ooooh, Sissy! Those little eggs is now little pink birdies!!! This just fills my eyes. And to think the Mama doesn't seem to mind your visits. That is so very precious.

  4. Unreal to see them this tiny. I seldom see a nest since I am not out and about.

  5. wow! How amazing! You will have to keep us readers posted on their progress!