Monday, May 31, 2010

Lest We Forget ... Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day ... a day to remember and honor those soldiers who have died in battle; paying the ultimate price for our freedom.

But this year, once again, I would also like to extend my remembrance and thanks to those soldiers who did not die in battle ... who came home to lead separate lives.

Because they carried home the "ultimate sacrifice", and somehow managed to live with it the rest of their lives. They didn't show it, and rarely talked about it. But their wounds were gravely deep.

This past year I have watched my dad struggle with demons from WWII. After all these years, they have come back to haunt him. He is finally talking about what happened during "The War". He hallucinates, and has debilitating nightmares. The wounds were there all along ... but are just now coming back to the surface. The ultimate price.

I also thank the families of ALL soldiers -- those lost in battle, and those lost after the battle was finished. Because when you see what these brave soldiers have seen, have done what they had to do ... you die a little. It may not show for years; the scars stay hidden in countless hearts. And their families who see (and saw) them suffer, also feel the pain.

War has come home to us ... we just don't know to recognize the homefront pain.

On a personal note ...
Thank you to my grandfather, who served in WWI.
Thank you to my father, who served in WWII (and was a POW).
Thank you to my uncle Joe, who served in WWII.
Thank you to my uncle Kelly, who served in WWII.
Thank you to my cousin Allen, who served in the first Gulf War.
Thank you to my great uncle Fred, who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the first Gulf War.
And thank you to my ex-husband, who served in the first Gulf War.

You have my everlasting gratitude.

Photos taken at Mountainview Cemetery in Oregon City, Oregon.


  1. What a moving tribute. I did not realize that after so many years the painful memories would resurface. Indeed, the ultimate price. Yes, a huge thank you to all who served as their service is greater than we could imagine.

  2. Well said, and I add my thanks also.

  3. Oh, Sissy...I read this and am now awash in tears. You have such a wonderful way of expressing what everyone wishes could be said.

    My gratitude to those gone on before, my gratitude to those who are here and still struggle, my gratitude to those still on the battle front, and those who have returned.

    A HUGE thank you is due to each and every one of these amazing men.

  4. This is beautiful Cea and may I add my Amen and gratitude to yours...lovely darling. Love you.

  5. They do carry the scares for a lifetime. One reason I think it's so important to support our troops today, regardless of how you feel about the war otherwise.

    My grandfather also served in WWI, and I had uncles who served in WWII and were at Pearl Harbor on that fateful day.

    My father wanted to serve, but was turned away because of a leg affected with polio. I think he carried some anger about that his entire life, never having had the opportunity to do 'his' part.