Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hungry Baby Wrens

I walked over to check on the wren babies in Cabin 57.

They are growing so fast! - their tiny little bodies are no longer bright pink.
They are covered with a fine dark down.

And they are hungry.
Really hungry.
Constantly hungry.

I left - who am I to stand in the way of dinner???


  1. I'm sure they are keeping mama wren busy!

  2. I can read this and understand the message. nice shot.

  3. Oooh, Sissy! This is exquisite. I'm just so amazed by this wonderful picture. This fills my eyes to the BRIM.

  4. Their little mouths are so big--makes me giggle.

  5. Amazing shot! I've seen birds do the same thing, I think it's very cute.

  6. This is just cooler then heck. How amazing to get to see inside a nest for a change instead of standing underneath and listening for little peeps...I look forward to your update as they grow.
    Have a fantastic Friday Sissy mine, Love you.

  7. My gosh Clytie, they are growing ... they'll be off to bird University soon.