Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's the Point? - Weekend Mailbox

I found this vandalized mailbox down the street from my house.
I don't see the point ...
This house is owned by an older couple, retired.
Their yard and garden are immaculate, complete with a
Statue of Liberty in the driveway!

Each summer the man of the house spends up to 3 weeks in this ditch, with a bucket, carefully pulling out each tiny blade of grass - it looks like he uses a pair of tweezers. I'm not joking.

Such pride in ownership!

To have his castle invaded like this just makes me mad!

This is my entry to Weekend Mailbox - sponsored by Gemma at Greyscale Territory. Come join the fun!!!

And start noticing the mailboxes on your street!


  1. O this is not a good sight! I agree! What is the thrill of tossing mailboxes on the ground! It hardly seems a good answer to say that "they" were bored and were looking for something to do! Maybe someone was jealous of the couple's beautiful work? Who knows.
    Thanks for participating in my meme again this weekend!

  2. Sadly, mailbox bashing/destroying is a common occurrence in my neck of the woods. You can drive down any road on any given day and see at least one box that has become tattered and bashed due to vandalism. The teenage set has always done it (even when I was a kid), I guess as a way to alleviate boredom, or because they're drunk.

    At any rate, it is a federal crime, and I wish that someone would catch the little vandals.

    It also proves that a lot of kids don't have enough supervision or things to do (especially in rural areas).

    Some residents have found ingenious ways to deter the problem, including enclosing their boxes in brick, or buying heavy duty cast metal. I'd like to see the reaction of the kid who takes a bat to one of those!

  3. Wow--Indeed--what is the point. We used to dream about leaving little booby traps in the mailboxes the vandals kept hitting.

    Why is it fun for them? Who knows. It isn't right at all--one could wish something would happen to teach them a lesson.

    That is just so sad...

  4. I'm with you -- it's maddening and mean. :(

  5. I had to take my mailbox down and get a post office box because of incidents like this! It is so frustrating, but hard to catch the cowards who do it.

  6. who murdered the mailbox? was it a random shooting, an act of passion?

  7. It seems like there is always someone who finds it necessary to create havoc. In one neighborhood I lived in our poor mailbox was bombs with M-80 firecrackers several times.
    I always try to remember that "what goes around...comes around" Maybe there will be a cosmic reckoning for these people...or maybe not but it makes me feel better. ha ha
    Love you.

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