Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poor Little Lady - No Wonder She Cackled!

We have 12 chickens ... affectionately known as "the ladies".

They give us an average of 8 eggs per day, between them.

This morning, amidst the sounds of the usual 'chicken alarms'
(bok, bok, bok, bok-Aaaack) came a different sound.
A single cackle. Very loud.

I could swear that one of the ladies was really saying ...
"ouch, ouch, ouch - my a$$"

Especially when I went out and found THIS EGG.
The other two are normal sized offerings.
This thing is a monster.

No Wonder The Chicken Cackled!


  1. Fortunately,the egg shells are soft when laid so the strain wasn't as bad as it would be now. You can use the pic. Pat won't mind.

  2. Ahaahaaa....THAT is just TOO cool! (guffaw) It is truly ENORMOUS! Oh, Sissy--that's one cool photo--it, er, fills my eyes. (snicker)

  3. My friend has chickens too - she calls them eenie meenie, miney... and, well Moe didn't make it and became dinner. Every now and again one of hers produces a freakishly large egg!


  4. Wow! I used a couple of eggs yesterday that reminded me of walnuts. They mus t have come from union chickens. j/k :)

  5. Just looking at the egg hurts. lol

  6. I'm just reading the story again, and cracking up. I LOVE your writing, Sissy--bok bok bok ack?! (giggle)

  7. Clytie, Clytie!!! I feel so dumb!!

    You responded to my post today, and I goofed up and hit deny. I didn't mean to deny, I mean to accept!!

    I knew sooner or later I was going to be too slap happy with the buttons and screw up. *rolleyes*

    So sorry. Just wanted you to know I did value your comment and didn't mean to deny it. :-(

    If you want to, please respond again.

    I know what you mean about the blackberries! We have them along one length of the property line and the neighbor on that side wants us to keep them as a 'live' barrier. Nope, not happening.

    Thankfully they're on our property. We like the live barrier too, but not blackberries. We've already spent several hundred dollars to have them cut back to the fence line, and they've already made quite a comeback in a very short time. Add to that the fact that there's some poison oak in there....Again, nope.

  8. It is amazing what we miss when all the eggs come from the grocery store - all the same size, and all clean! All the same colour, too! Yours look to be three different colours!