Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tree Frog Confrontations ...

The tiny green tree frog slept in the safety of the dark forest floor debris.

So bright it was to his eyes ...

Fully awake now, he turned to glare at she who dared wake him from his slumber ...

AND FLIPPED HER OFF for good measure!


  1. I have never seen a little green frog like this and would really really like to. Just look at those amazing feet! He must have liked you to stick around to pose for your camera! :-D

  2. (GUFFAW) Ooooh, my goodness! He DID flip you off! I'm sitting here laughing my head off--and I LOVE these pictures. Oh, ahahaahaaa....

  3. Oh my goodness! Great set of photos, and I do believe you interpreted Frog Language perfectly. Thank you for a great laugh!

  4. Like the close up of the frogs - and the interpretation!

  5. There are many tree frogs around here. They are such precious little things.