Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Mika Story

Last night a beat up pickup truck stopped at the end of the driveway in the middle of the road. I went out to check, and heard a woman calling me over. She sounded like she was in tears. In a broken voice she told me she thought she had just hit a cat. A gray cat. A little gray and white cat. It went running back up the driveway. My heart stopped and my world stood still. Not Mika! No, not my Mika! I thanked her for stopping, and said it wasn't her fault. In a shaky voice she kept saying "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I have 5 cats, I'm so sorry!" I told her over and over again that it wasn't her fault -- but what I really wanted to do was to go find my Mika. The lady finally left and I ran in the house for my kids and flashlights. After searching for a while, we found her! She was skittish and kept running from us, but finally calmed down. Cradling her in my arms, I ran into the house, checking her carefully ... No broken bones ... no obvious bruises ... no bleeding ... just a tiny little scratch on her nose. She loved on me for over an hour. I loved on her for the same, and finally cried.

I wish I had a way to let the lady in the truck know Mika is okay. I hate to think of her crying. I hope she went home to her 5 cats and cradled them close, and let them love on her. I can never thank her enough for stopping, for caring. She is Mika's angel -- in an ugly truck -- with a heart of gold.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm glad Mika is OK. What a close call! My cat is gray and white too and her name is Gracie. Maybe you will see the lady again so you can tell her, so she won't be so upset.

  2. Oh, Sissy--I'm so glad Mika is alright. I'm sure there were angels guarding her. You know God cares about the animals we love.

    ((hugs)) Oh, Sissyboo! I'm SO glad she's alright. And what a lovely photo of her.

    Blessings to Mike, you, and especially to your angel with a heart of gold in the ugly truck!

  3. Oh Clytie I am sooo glad your beloved Mika is okay. What a blessing and what an angel that woman was. I am well aware that what we send out into the world comes back to us, so I know you were justly blessed. I am so happy for you and your kitty and the lady with a heart of gold, because heaven will find a way to reward her.
    Have a Happy May Day!!!

  4. You must have been just heartsick after the woman left. I am so so glad that Mika is all right and that you are, too. And she sure looks like a wonderful kitty!

  5. beautifully written...worth reading..