Saturday, May 2, 2009

Living Dangerously

I found this beautiful forest snail in the most unusual place this morning -- right in the middle of the busy road! What was he thinking? Since he had already made it most of the way across, I helped him along. He's probably happily nibbling away in my garden now, but I don't really mind so much right now.


  1. Sissy! You and Deann must be on the same wavelength today! She put up a snail on HER blog, too! Goodness! She has that sister psychic thing going on!

    Beautiful photo,Sissyboo--I LOVE the colors in his shell--I haven't seen a big one like that one in years. How perfectly lovely. I'm glad he is in your garden. I'm envious!

    (grin) This picture totally fills my eyes, and the story touches my heart.

  2. Beautiful snail, great minds think alike!!!
    I love snails they are so cool I just dont like that they eat all my greens, and around here greens are hard to come by.

  3. He's so pretty! I'm glad he had a friend like you to help him along.