Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pacman Orange

This hungry looking Pacman Orange is dedicated to my sis-in-law Bert. She is the one who found it, and dragged me over to where it was foraging to take its picture. Thank you Bert! And if you're in the vicinity of this guy ... watch your toes!


  1. Funny! I always used to like to play Ms. Pacman.

  2. That's what I needed today a laugh. I can just imagine him gloming onto the ankle of some unsuspecting passer by. You're lucky to have escaped with all your digits. LOL

  3. (guffaw) I'm laughing, too. That is HILARIOUS! lol I'm imagining that little orange pacman spitefully biting at the ankles of passersby, and aahahaaa...well, I have a great imagination! (Grin)