Saturday, May 23, 2009

Down By The Railroad

I was waiting in the car when I heard the distinctive sound of a train whistle. I have never taken a picture of a train before, so I walked over to the tracks ... and watched as a very short, very fast moving train rushed by.

After the train was gone, these beautiful orange poppies caught my eye. I couldn't believe they were growing in the midst of the railroad rocks and debris!

But this single flower is the bravest one of all.
Talk about 'bloom where you are planted'!
Now I know what it means!!!


  1. Such happy little flowers especially the brave one. Flowers are just a miracle aren't they.

    Have a happy and peaceful Memorial Day Weekend stay safe, and do something nice for yourself.

  2. I hope that wasn't a top secret military train you captured! The sweet little flowers make a nice contrast.

  3. What a BRAVE little flower. And how clever of you to notice such loveliness in the midst of chaos! Beautiful pictures, Sissy! I LOVE the train, the bloom where you're planted, and the brave little soul in the tire.

    You are so amazing!

  4. All 3 shots are very nice! I especially like the last one though. What a determined little flower!