Friday, May 15, 2009

Bird Condo

What a fun place for a bunch of birds to live! I didn't have to stand very long before I was able to catch some action -- a pair of birds taking turns feeding their voracious young-uns a feast of delectable lawn grubs!


  1. What an awesome bird house! I can't quite make out what kind of bird that is though. Nice shot!

  2. What a GREAT and fabulous birdhouse!!! (grin) How cool! I LOVE it! And the birdie is adorable. Good catch! Those critters are QUICK!

  3. Spring!! What a Glorious time of year! Life renewing, growing, changing.... New... I love watching the young birds and their parents. Flying back and forth and back and forth; bringing goodies to their never ending open mouthed, peeping, hungry, fuzzy young... peep, peep I can almost hear them now.... Thank you for your wonderful photography!! Your heart is captured in your work...