Saturday, May 2, 2009

This little chickadee flirted with me out in the woods! Actually I think I was too close to its nest, so I left.

Wild strawberry blossoms ... and a dose of poison oak! Beauty and the Beast anyone?

I had no idea there was a dogwood tree in the front yard. It had never blossomed before!

The world in a soda bottle.

This was my short walk from yesterday. So much to see and appreciate! And I never went more than a hundred yards from the house.


  1. I like all of the pictures. You certainly had a nice walk! I have a lot of those chickadees at my bird feeder. They always seem so happy! I also have 2 dogwood trees, but they are done blooming for this year.

  2. Sissy, you are amazing. I felt like I was walking with you. Your unique and wonderful perspective always makes me smile. I especially loved the photo of the flirting chickadee.

    There's been a whole flock of teenytiny birds sitting in the top of the walnut tree. They've been up there all morning chirping and haggling over something. Perhaps it is a beensy bird convention? There was a crow who ungraciously sat nearby hassling them now and then. (grin)

  3. PS That photo of the strawberries and poison oak is just amazing. Do you suppose it is a gnome trap? Egad! Can you imagine? Eating strawberries tainted with poison oak? Makes me itch all over and inside, just thinking about it. Eeeeek!

    By the way, the photo totally raised bumps in my eyeballs. (grin)

  4. lovely findings you discovered . Like the little growth in the soda bottle, isn't that cool. I love dogwood trees, My Mom use to have one growing in her yard years ago before she passed away. They are so lovely and such dainty flowers.
    happiness 2 U