Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blue Heron in Fog

Down the street at the bird sanctuary, I am used to seeing ducks, geese, songbirds, blue herons, snowy egrets, even a hawk once.

The blue herons that call this area home never seem to be around when I stop by ... until today.

The fog was drifting in tendrils across the water. There he was, standing silently in the haze on a partially submerged log. I pulled over to watch.

Eventually he flew away, his huge wings making barely a sound.

Isn't he awesome?


  1. Yes! He is totally awesome! Pretty cool reflection, too.

  2. He is truly Awesome !! Great and fantastic !!

  3. Awesome in deed...especially in flight. They kind of remind me of teradactyles. I alway feel like I about to be carried away literally when I see one headed my way. Great shot Cea!

  4. Yes, he is awesome. Most things in Nature are awesome.

  5. Wierd...In my mind, I was replying, "Awesome indeed!" and when I clicked on the comments, there SissyDea had already said what I was thinking! Eeeeek!

    I love this photo--I can never get close to the blue herons who frequent our riverbanks. They are so beautiful, aren't they? Totally Awesome, Sissy!

  6. clytie,
    such a mysterious, magical image...matches the majesty of the bird.

    bright blessings,

  7. Cool picture.

    There was one sitting in a field when hubby and I drove out the other day. I could have reached out and touched it, and of course that's the one day I didn't take my camera along!

  8. I love this great shot, it really puts me in the beautiful scene.