Saturday, December 12, 2009

Don't Eat at This Burger King

Of course I have axed all fast food from my diet, but I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this funny, funny sign combo.

Makes it easier to avoid eating here!!!


  1. Oh Cea that is so should send it to Jay Leno headlines.
    In my misspent youth...I worked for a meat distributor who sold meat to fast food places.
    At the risk of grossing you out completely the salesmen used to call it...snouts, tits, tails and toenails.
    If that doesn't turn you in to a vegetarian nothing will.

  2. I would have some problems with that place myself. My wife's sister raised a calf and then when it was butchered, she couldn't eat any of the meat. That ended trying to make a pet out of farm animals.

  3. Where on earth did you find that?! Ahahaaa...what a funny sign combo. You made my day, er, evening with this one!

  4. oh my goodness....
    signs can be so amazing.

  5. That is a funny one! Nice shot.