Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am Given Another Sunrise

For those of you who don't know, last Friday (Dec. 4, 5:05 AM) I suffered a moderate stroke in the left side of my brain, rendering me completely paralyzed on my entire right side, and unable to speak.

I was able to call for help before my speech left me, and was rushed to Meridian Park Hospital in Tualatin. Because I got there so fast, (within 20 minutes of the first symptoms), I was given a special "clot buster" drug that can only be administered in the first few hours after a stroke.

My sister Beth showed up and stayed with me during that tortuous time when I was unable to move or speak. Then changes started to happen - waxing and waning. I could curl my toes, lift my arm several inches off the bed, say a few words. Then just as suddenly lose it.

Several hours later the worst wave hit, I felt my mind starting to wander for the first time. Beth's prayers became more focused.

And I lifted my right leg clear off the table! And my arm as well! My speech became clearer and they whisked me to a room in the ICU for observation.

By Saturday morning, all symptoms seemed to be gone. The neurologist shook his head, muttering something like "Whether it was the medicine or the prayers ... some things just can't be explained." That's when they decided it may have been a "TIA", not a real stroke. Nothing had showed up on the CAT scan, so they did an MRI.

And found that yes indeed, I had suffered a stroke. A fairly small one, the size of a small lima bean. Without the clot buster drug, it would have been the size of a silver dollar.

I found out that I had the entire ICU staff confused. I wasn't supposed to get well that quickly -- there was NO protocol!!! Even with the clot buster drug, I wasn't supposed to start improving for 2 to 3 days! What to do with me???

As it turns out, they let me go home on Sunday, lifestyle changes to be made.
And golly-bob-howdy are they being made.

I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on my behalf. I am humbled that God used your prayers to perform a miracle in my life, and I will strive to be worthy of that awesome gift.

Oh, and be sure to enlarge the picture. I caught this bird at sunrise, the light just beginning to peek over the horizon, showing a hint of color. Sunrise. Just one more thing I will NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED AGAIN.


  1. Oh, Sissy--here I am reading about it from your perspective...and I'm just overwhelmed.

    I did not realize when you laid back and were so still, that your mind had begun to wander. That was when as I stood there praying with my hands on your hair, that the heat in my hands radiated down--and in my mind's eye I saw Him healing you.

    ((hugs)) There are things in life which change a person forever. This has been one of those things, my darling Sissy.

    I've always valued and treasured you and our long walks and talks, our camaraderie and friendship. But now I see once more how fragile life is, you are even more precious.

    You are a sparkling jewel, with your wonderful wit, incredible artistic talent with the camera, with your eye for hearts, and wonderful writing skills. I think you sparkle like a diamond,shine like the warmth of a ruby, exhude the mystery of a green green emerald--and you are beautiful to me.

  2. So glad you are feeling better Clytie! This is a gorgeous picture. The power of prayer is overwhelming isn't it?

  3. What a scary but beautiful experience.
    Doesn't it seem that every once in awhile God has to smack us upside the head and then give us a hug so we appreciate what we have.
    I'm so glad he decided to leave you with us awhile longer...I know he needs women of strong faith like you and Beth...I am sure he has something special in mind for you.
    Even if it's just getting this backslider to say a prayer for you.
    Welcome back (as I type this my music is playing "Please Celebrate Me Home")that's just what I would like to do celebrate you home. Love You Cea.

  4. I am a firm believer in miracles and you dear one, are a miracle :)

  5. Howdy Clytie
    Oh my how wonderful it is to see you blogging :)
    I am so thankful to the Lord for this amazing
    miracle .
    You are a truly unique individual and I need you and your love of life to remind me to keep my eyes open wide all the time.
    There are wonderous things to be discovered if we will only look and see what is in front of us .
    Blessings to you sweetie.
    I am so thrilled for you !
    Thank you for dropping by my blog .
    Big hugs with continued prayers for you and yours.
    Happy Trails

  6. OK again I'm looking at your blog, crying with joy over your words and healing, and listening to Susan Boyle CD and they coincide so well. Fist coming to this blog she was singing Up to the Mountain. "I went up to the mountain because you asked me to. Up over the clouds to where the sky was blue. I could see all around me everywhere. I could see all around me everywhere.......But I hear you, your sweet voice. Oh come and then go, come and then go. Lord telling me softly, You love me so."
    Then as I'm tearfully, joyfully reading your experience, the next song is Amazing Grace: "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a soul like me. I once was lost but now am found. Was blind but now I see..." You are one of Gods children and He has plans for you my dear soul. As I said around the blog about you and others: "As His eye is on the Sparrow, I know He watches you" Blessings to you my miracle Angel... and to end perfectly here is the song she's singing Proud: " All of my life, I have watched you climbing mountains, chasing dreams" Chase your dreams dear Clytie, Live life with Praise and Thanksgiving and your life will be full. God Bless you and your family. Love and Light, Nina P
    (and now she sings the beloved Silent Night..... )

  7. Oh Clytie! I am absomutely speechless. My heart is pounding a mile a minute for you... I can't even fathom how one can sort out such a traumatic and than elated experience. I feel thrilled and terrified for you at the same time. What a miracle lady. You have quite the guardian angel watching over you. Huge bear hug to the Clytie on the mend. Holy platypus!

  8. Yikes! How terrifying!! And I am soooooooo happy that you are healed! You truly are a miracle - and I know your dear sister helped with her prayer and the healing energy from her hands.
    God Bless.

  9. I am very happy for the outcome, and will send prayers your way.

  10. I did not have a stroke, but some sudden MS exacerbations this year that were pretty scary for me and my family...I can only imagine what you were feeling inside when you could not move or language and movement are somewhat impaired...and at one point my left eye was paralyzed (but it healed over the span of two months) of the things that all of this has emphasized for me is to notice the blessings and goodness of each day...I think you know this, just from viewing the images on your blogs...may your recovery continue as wel as your awareness of beauty all around.

  11. So ... how has it been since? Both physically and psychologically. I have no religious belief, and find comfort in the world around me alone. The world around me and the people, and my ability to interact and see within. That is my belief.

    How are you?