Monday, December 14, 2009

Close To Home

I am used to taking long walks. After my release from the hospital, I was confined to the area immediate to the house, until I was cleared by my doctor.

Today I was inspired by Lois of Tallahassee Daily Photo to look through the pictures I took during that week. I was amazed at what I found ... right outside my front door - like this old net draped across some tree branches, silhouetted by frosty early morning sunshine.

There is much beauty to be found ... if we stop to look and see.


  1. Oh, Sissy--these are so beautiful. I love the way the sun shines through those leaves, and the drapy patterning in the old frosty net.

    You have such an eye for the unusual--you find beauty where most folks would not.

    These photos fill my eyes with their glowing beauty.

  2. indeed much don't know me, but I've seen your name and requests for prayers on your behalf on Nina's blog.

    May healing come to you this day in the form that you need it most,

  3. Lovely light in that first one, Clytie.