Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stellar Jay Eats Lunch and Mt Hood Wears Hood

I was watching this Stellar jay from the big picture window in the front room.
He has been hanging around for years, but this year he has a mission.

He spied the bird feeder we set up last month.
He has tried to perch on it to eat, but it is too small.

So he swoops down, smacks the bird feeder with his feet ...
Then eats what falls to the ground.

Smart bird, eh? He's been at this off and on for days, but this is the first time I've managed to 'catch' him in the act. I know it's a little blurry, but keep in mind - this is through the window and this guy is FAST!

Not to be outdone, Mt. Hood showed off its 'hood' for a short time yesterday morning. When I was a kid I thought that's how Mt. Hood got it's name. Alas, it was named in honor of 'Vice Admiral Samuel Hood' in 1792.


  1. What a wonderful set of pictures. One can see the wheels turning in the head of that stellar jay! I love that little guy--when we were working outside last Fall, we had many long conversations. He was missing Dad, you know. (Grin) He's the one Dad saved from the cat when he was just a fledgling.

    The photo of him bouncing the bird feeder is so funny--and wonderful. It reminds me of the photos Abe Lincoln takes of his backyard birds.

    And that photo of Mt. Hood is amazing. I know--for years I thought Mt. Hood was named for its hood. It's a good thing Samuel Hood had the last name of Hood. Nothing else would have fit!

    Wonderful photos--I thoroughly enjoyed reading your narration, and the photos are fabulous--they ALL fill my eyes!

  2. Mt Hood deserves to be known for its hood, rather than for the Vice-Admiral.

    Perhaps being called bird-brained should be seen as a compliment - rather than an insult - when you see how a jay can work out how to get some food!!

  3. Clytie these photos are fabulous aren't birds fascinating...this big boy is sooo handsome thanks for sharing him with me.

    Majestic Mt. Hood with it's mystic hood of clouds is much more romantic then...named after Vice Admiral Hood...that's just too academic for me. Love ya

  4. I like your version of why Mt Hood is called Mt Hood better!

  5. It is a beautiful bird.