Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harvey's Visit

Harvey helped pick blueberries. Unfortunately he could only carry a few at a time.

Working in the garden made him feel at home.

Gnome torture.

A visit with friends.

Tomorrow is the last day of Harvey's visit with me. To commemorate, he will be picking my Postcard Friendly Friday contribution on Random Cards. I can't wait to see which postcard he ends up with!


  1. Harvey has had a busy week!

  2. Cute. Enjoyed the post. I carved an elf once. Standing on a treasure chest.

    You can see it here:

    Thanks too for visiting my blog and commenting there about the flowers.

  3. Harvey is the cutest!!!! I especially like
    "Gnome torture." I mean, how bad can it be to
    find oneself imbedded in a spinning rainbow!!!!

  4. Happy travels, Harvey.

    Clytie, I just wanted to thank you for all the comments you've made on my blog. Today, you were one of the only people to mention mascara - prison. I like that one, too!

    The mascara part was quite obvious. And so was the flytrap as a prison. But there's also - mascara as a prison - that presents itself as a possible meaning. And there's how that works under the overall "power" title.

    I am gratified that you and others are keeping an eye on my blog.

  5. How absolutely funny! I love the "Gnome Torture." What a wonderful quirky sense of humor you have!

  6. This is Mother! I'm on Beth's computer because I don't have internet on mine yet. So fun to see Lester and Jenny this morning. Jenny has Gramdmi's mouth, that how she got her name and Lester idolizes her above all women! My gnome friends who bear that name are delighting to have their unexpected visitor!
    Love, Mom